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Mental Health Awareness

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July

As July nears its end, it’s important to remember that it’s the Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, whose goal...

Elderly Abuse Awareness

World Elder Abuse Awareness In June

World Elder Abuse Awareness In June Unfortunately, as populations across the world become older, the amount of abuse experienced...


Contributing to Strong Adolescent Mental Health

Adolescent Mental Health Adolescent Mental Health. It can be a mystery. As children, we grow based on our surroundings,...

military children

Challenges Military Children Overcome Each Day

Growing Up As Military Children There are numerous challenges that children can be expected to face as they grow...

Mission Recovery

What the Mission Recovery Program is All About

What is The Mission Recovery Program? With our Mission Recovery program and mental health care in New Mexico, Peak...


Peggy Cunningham Named New CEO

PEAK BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES ANNOUNCES PEGGY CUNNINGHAM AS CEO (El Paso, TX— February 22, 2017) Peak Behavioral Health Services...

Military Veterans Therapy

Veteran Group Therapy in Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs

Military veterans often have a different perspective on their surroundings than other individuals who may not have served in...

Military Reintegration

Military Reintegration When Returning Home

America has been involved in various military engagements and wars for close to twenty years now, first starting in...

Partial Hospitalization Inpatient Programs

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization and Inpatient Programs

Struggling with mental health issues is never easy, especially when you feel that there are no feasible options to...

How to Engage Kids with Mental Health Problems

How to Engage Kids with Mental Health Problems

How to Engage Kids with Mental Health Problems How can you engage kids with mental health problems? One of...

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