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Mental Illness Recovery testimonials

Read our Mental Illness Recovery testimonials and see what our past clients think about the friendly Peak Behavioral Health facility & staff.

We have a variety of programs to help find a treatment that works for you. Read more about how Peak Behavioral’s programs are designed to help patients recovery.

The first step towards improving your overall well-being is an assessment. An assessment is a clinical interview to determine what type of behavioral health services is most appropriate. A mastered prepared clinician will ask about current concerns as well as past medical and mental health history. If applicable, any drug and/or alcohol abuse will be assessed. Family members or a friend may be present during the assessment process, as this may be helpful for assistance and support. This assessment is used to determine which programs or services would be most beneficial, we offer inpatient, outpatient and partial programs. Once the assessment is complete, our clinician will consult with our Psychiatrist regarding the recommendation and then make a determination about treatment options


“I received the absolute best care, especially on the military unit. Staff was great, especially Mr. Dalton, Daniel the RN, and Yvonne the MHT. The therapists were great as well, especially Mr. Bobby and Sandra. I was treated with utmost kindness and respect.”

- Former Patient

The facility is phenomenal. The groups and the staff from the techs to the nurse to admission to discharge, everyone is awesome.

- Former Patient


“I love knowing that when I go home at the end of the day I helped someone’s loved one. We provide excellent care for our patients and I am proud to work at Peak Behavioral Health Services”

- Peak Staff Member

“PBHS diversity in cultural and education has provided a wonderful experience of team work! Wonderful place to work and grow!  The plus side is knowing we ALL make a difference in the patients’ lives with care, compassion and dedication!”

- Peak Staff Member

Community Partners

“The facility is phenomenal.  The groups and the staff from the techs to the nurse to admission to discharge, everyone is awesome. “

- Community Partner
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