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Parity is Important!

While there are millions of men and women who suffer from mental health and behavioral health conditions such as depression, various forms of mania or other psychiatric disorders in America, the good news is that science and medicine has helped make significant progress in the identification and treatment of these illnesses. The benefits of having health insurance for all is starting to take shape, and there is much hope for the future and for those suffering from these issues.

However, as far as we have come, there are still lingering battles in the mental health community. We understand that there are still certain stigmas attached to mental health issues, and while disappointing that they exist, that will continue to abate in time. However, the more pressing issue is parity in regards to mental health treatment, and receiving proper coverage for various mental and behavioral health issues, treatments and hospitalizations.

Therapy and treatment can range anywhere from tai chi, music therapy, various group or family therapy, recreational therapy and interactive engagement, various medicines, psychiatric evaluations and a host of others; they should be covered by your insurance carrier. However, at times health insurers may or will balk at offering coverage for these types of mental health situations. This issue is often referred to “parity” and the need for parity in the mental health realm was addressed by our United States government.

In the past, health insurers would often charge more for copays, visits and deductibles when it came to mental and behavioral health needs. It often led to the denial of coverage in some cases, as well as limits on hospital visits and other needed aspects for psychiatric and mental health patients. This what the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 stood to defend against; now all insurers must be able to offer at least the same coverages, deductibles and copays just as a patient would for anything related to coverage for medical or surgical benefits.

Peak View Behavioral Health is proud to be a leader in the behavioral health care field for the Pike’s Peak region, and is a staunch supporter of individual patient’s rights when it comes to parity.  With proper awareness, and continual education, the stigmas and lack of parity towards individuals seeking treatment for mental health and behavioral health should continue to diminish as we push towards the future and continue to put emphasis on the eradication of these issues.

More information available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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