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Spread the Word with Mental Health Month this May

The campaign over the decades to better mental health care has been a long and tiresome struggle, but significant advances have been made. However, there is till much work to be done in this field, and especially when it comes to increasing awareness on how many men, women and children struggle each and every year. Millions of Americans face the stark reality of living with behavioral and mental health conditions that can drastically change and affect their personal and social lives, the relationships with those they care about most, their safety, independence and their overall well-being in life.

Peak Behavioral understands this well; as a provider for mental and psychiatric health issues for the Santa Teresa, NM region, we are proud to help support awareness for next month: May is national Mental Health Awareness month. We want to help spread the word on the reality that millions of Americans face every day. Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in our country experiences some form of mental illness? Or that 16 million adults struggle with major depression in their lives? Depression is actually the leading cause of disability worldwide, which makes it an extremely important factor to address in our society, or work and our daily lives.

While we obviously believe these are important issues to highlight throughout the entirety of the year, we also believe that focusing on this particular month displays solidarity throughout the mental health community, which is an important aspect of getting the word out there. Take the time to talk to a loved one, or a close friend, and if they are potentially struggling with behavioral or mental health issue, encourage them to schedule a free consultation. Call us at 800-599-9808. Let the month of May be your chance to help spread the word on why mental health awareness is so important!

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