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How To Diagnose Clinical Depression

Adolescents Mental Health

Clinical Depression

Nearly everyone experiences some type of depression at various stages throughout their life.  We all go through struggles and experience emotional and physical pain to varying degrees; but what separates it from being diagnosed as clinically depressed? Like any mental or behavioral health issue, there are warning signs that when coupled together, could lead to a diagnosis.  So if you want to know how to figure out if someone, or even yourself, is clinically depressed, take a look at these symptoms.

  • Loss of Interest in Pleasurable Activities: Generally, you will end up losing interest in the things that once filled you with joy or excitement.  It can range everywhere from sexual desires to hobbies that you would love partaking in, such as music or the arts.
  • Overeating or Lack of Appetite: Depression can really mess with one’s eating habits, and generally you will see a movement towards one extreme or the other.
  • Increase in Physical Pains:  An increase in ailments such as muscle soreness, constant cramping, aches, various lingering pains or headaches could suddenly show up.
  • Lack of Confidence and Self-Worth: One might suddenly be doubting their decision-making, fearing the unknown or developing feelings of worthlessness.
  • Feeling More Fatigued: A loss in energy and a feeling of sluggishness can wreak havoc on your daily life; no energy can affect everything from one’s personal relationships to job performance.
  • Suicidal Thoughts or Tendencies: One may become more reckless in their behaviors, self-harm may become a persistent thought and suicide can be a real danger.

Recognizing at least two of these symptoms could mean you are clinically depressed.  The next step is to consider getting help and treatment for what could potentially be a battle with depression.  A strategic behavioral health center such as Peak Behavioral Health Services in Santa Teresa, NM, offers the highest-quality mental health professionals to help combat all kinds of issues. Contact us today.

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