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Contributing to Strong Adolescent Mental Health

Adolescent Mental Health

Adolescent Mental Health. It can be a mystery. As children, we grow based on our surroundings, our experiences, our upbringing and various environmental factors that shape us into who we are. No one can truly claim to have the perfect upbringing and life, as each experience will have its cons, no matter how perfect it seems. While an individual who grows up within wealth may not have to experience the same challenges that a family without a lot of money may go through, their challenges could be different and just as hard to process. This is but one example; ultimately, no matter what your background is, the reality is that adolescents and children need strong encouragement and guidance to maintain a positive outlook and solid mental health.

This duty will often fall on the parent, parents or guardian of an adolescent.  While there are undoubtedly other excellent resources that will help shape your child’s mental focus, such as various teachers or authority figures in their personal lives, you have a unique opportunity to help them.  Not everyone has to be an extremely experienced speaker or facilitator, so don’t worry about being able to say the right thing at every moment: simply being there for your adolescent will often be a strong support signal for them that can help them get through many mental health challenges.

So let’s look at some of the best ways to help to contribute to strong mental health in your child:

Provide Stability

The home is often the most important place in a child’s life as it is generally where most of their developments and interactions take place, outside of school.  It is often desired that the home be the “fortress” where they can feel secure and comfortable enough to express themselves and be able to open up about any problems.

So living in an environment that does not provide that sort of emotional stability can be extremely distracting and problematic. Make sure to work together as a family and as a team to help avoid an atmosphere of fighting, discontent and behavior that would lead to mental health difficulties down the road.

Stop and Listen

Too often, parents and guardians naturally gravitate towards wanting to be listened to, as opposed to stopping and listening to what their child is actually experiencing and trying to say. It may seem like a very simple and basic concept, but it can truly work wonders for your adolescent if they feel that you are there for them and are available to help talk and coach them through any challenges that may be suffering.

Get Help When Needed

Not every mental health challenge or behavioral health issue is a simple fix.  You may be completely available for your adolescent but may ultimately realize that it’s not enough for the problem to get solved. There is no shame in admitting that you aren’t the answer to your adolescent’s issues. In instances such as these, it is a great idea to reach out to a mental health specialist or facility that can help get to the root of their particular issues. As a team, there is always a way to help better your adolescent’s mental health issues.

While your adolescents are starting their journey into adulthood, being available for them emotionally and in person can make a world of difference. Take to time each week to open up to them and engage in conversations that are beneficial for them expressing themselves and you may see positive results from your personal encouragements!

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