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National Suicide Prevention Day: Be a Part of #IWONTBESILENT

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National Suicide Prevention Day: Be a Part of #IWONTBESILENT

#IWONTBESILENT is an awareness campaign by The Jason Foundation to raise the national conversation of the “silent epidemic” of youth suicide. Learn the warning signs associated with suicide and challenge the people you know to learn them, as well. Challenge your co-workers, school, social club, friends, or family to join you. Taking a few short minutes to challenge the people you know will help take some of the “silence” away from the terrible tragedy of youth suicide. Our nation should be familiar with the warning signs, suicide facts & statistics, and how to find help for at-risk youth.

· 1 out of 6 students considered suicided during the last 6 months

· 1 out of 14 students attempted suicide during the last 12 months

· FOUR out of FIVE teens who attempted suicide have given clear warning sings

Statistical Data for the CDC’s WISQARS

Visit and learn how you can help raise the national conversation of youth suicide prevention. The site will provide you with ideas on how you can conduct an awareness campaign within your school, business, church, or other organization. Materials are available for download so that you can obtain them within minutes. Be sure to take a lot of pictures during your event and share them with us. We would love to include them with others who have taken the challenge. Share your photos on social media with the #IWontBeSilent and be sure to mention or tag us.

All the information necessary to hold a successful event is included in our User’s Guide, available for download on the website. Alternatively, a User Guide and additional information are available for download on the Suicide Prevention Month page of JFI’s website. To obtain, simply click on “Suicide Prevention Month” under the How to Get Involved tab at

Peak Behavioral will be publishing a series of articles throughout the month on identifying the signs of someone contemplating suicide and how to assist them with getting help.

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