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Peak Behavioral Health’s New CEO Announces Program Expansion for Children and Adolescents

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Peak Behavioral Health’s New CEO Announces Program Expansion for Children and Adolescents

Peak Behavioral Health’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sandy Emanuel announced plans this week to expand the hospital’s inpatient psychiatric programs for children and adolescents. The expansion allows Peak Behavioral to intensify its clinical programming with more effective grouping of youth with similar treatment needs and challenges.

“Our team at Peak is grateful to fill a community need,” said Emanuel. “I spent some time with hospital CEO’s a few weeks ago across the state and learned of this need. It feels good in this role to be responsive to our communities state wide. Our child and adolescent program has solid clinical programming with the recent addition of Dr. Peter Sangra leading the team. Being able to serve at a greater capacity this important population is meaningful to us here”.

Peak Behavioral provides short-term crisis stabilization for children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 with severe emotional and behavioral issues. The adolescent program also offers a treatment tract for substance abuse. Youth are assigned treatment programs and living arrangements according to their age, size, and treatment needs. While in treatment, patients participate in group, individual, family and recreational therapies. Psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and treatment plans are overseen by a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Effective May 7, adjustments to the hospital units were completed, expanding the availability of services to more children and adolescents.

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